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Men and women have no shortage of options for smoothing wrinkles and renewing skin. But when it comes to tightening up the deeper layers of the skin, most patients were limited to surgery — until now. Thread Lift is a completely non-surgical facelift alternative available at Elamar Skin Science right here in Decatur, Alabama’s.

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Understanding Thread Lifts

Thread Lifts are a nonsurgical option for both men and women who want to lift the deeper layers of the face without surgery or a lengthy recovery. Thread lifts lift the face without cutting by using specialized “suspension sutures” made from a dissolvable, biodynamic material.

Each suture is placed just beneath the skin, so only you will know they’re there, and extends from the area near your temple to the corner of your mouth.

There is an immediate lifting effect once Dr. Gill places the sutures, followed with continuing improvement as the body responds by producing extra collagen around the thread thereby not only lifting, but also restoring some volume.

The sutures dissolve completely over time as they are naturally and harmlessly metabolized by your body, leaving behind new collagen and beautiful, resilient, younger looking skin.

Marlin Gill, MD

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Thread Lift Safety

Sutures used during any thread lift are made of a material that is widely used in medical devices; its safety has been extensively documented. Furthermore, because thread lifts are minimally invasive, there are far fewer risks associated with then when compared to a traditional surgical facelift.

Can I benefit from this facelift alternative?

Many people are attracted to thread lifts because it requires much less time, from preparation with your physician through recovery, than a surgical facelift.

Thread lifts are appropriate for people primarily concerned with sagging cheeks but also want to do something more significant than simply lifting the skin. They are especially useful for patients who may not be ready or eligible for surgery, or simply for those who want to “outrun” facial aging for as long as possible.

It’s best to consider this technique alongside other options. During your consultation, you and Dr. Gill will create a custom plan that matches your goals, and you may discover that you’re a better candidate for other forms of facial rejuvenation, such as V-Lift or Sublime™ Skin Contouring.


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